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Club News


14 June 2023

Club News


14 June 2023

Khaled El-Ahmad met with members of the press this afternoon to discuss a variety of topics here at Oakwell.

THE 2022-23 SEASON

"If we look at the season as a whole, considering where we were at almost a year ago - with lots of uncertainties, from a financial standpoint, players and coaching staff - if you look back at what we've achieved since, then there's an enormous amount of pride.

"We've taken a step in the right direction, both on and off the pitch.

"There's stability in the club, be that at board level, to the players and staff. We've created a winning culture. Lots to be proud of, and a good foundation to build upon.

"A lot of good work went into the recruitment last season, it was a robust process and if you look at the likes of Adam Phillips, Luca Connell, Nicky Cadden - you can see what we are trying to do. And then there's been growth in other players, they've really bought into the ethos of the club.

"Ultimately, when looking at the final, one of the proudest moments that I've had since joining the club was after going a man down, the reaction and unity from the fans, players, staff - everyone - it was something to appreciate and is exactly what I'd envisioned when I joined, that culture of everyone working for the same goal.

"We could have buckled, lost 4-0, felt sorry for ourselves. But everyone handled it so well. We took control of our own destiny - as much as we could - but the result was what it was. Someone has to lose. But the display we put in, in front of the footballing world told a story and shows that we are on the right path."


"In terms of assurances, he's under contract, he's the Head Coach of Barnsley FC and we are busy planning the pre-season and beyond that with him. I'm speaking with him today for example. 

"There's nothing else to report really. We are prepared for all scenarios at all times, but there's been no call to me reporting any interest.

"He has been great for the club. I'm glad that the thorough process we went through, the hard work to get him here when other clubs were interested, that it has paid off for everyone. We got exactly the person we were looking for and he and I align perfectly in terms of culture and what we see a club being. 

"And to be honest, the results speak for themselves.

"He's happy, he was hurt after Wembley and like all of us here, he's ambitious to want to use that to make sure we are just as competitive next season."


"There will be players coming in and going out. But it's in our hands, the club has the control. We're in a much better place now. Certain players will move on because sometimes a change needs to happen so that we can continue to build the momentum. But others will be staying.

"I wouldn't say we're in a position now where we 'need' to move players on. It's more a combination of do they deserve it, is it time for them to move on - because maybe the recruitment team have found something different - and you also sometimes need to change the personalities in the group, to bring new energy. There are many variables in play.

"But I think I've seen the word 'firesale' again and there will be nothing like that. We've had a good 12 months, we're going in a good direction, everything like that will be dictated by the club, on our terms. Whether we sell anyone or allow them to run down their contract, that decision will be made by us."


"There are ongoing discussions. We are no different to you, to the fans, we know what these players brought to Barnsley. We took six on loan and they all loved it here. They're all open to the idea of our club, but again, there are certain variables in play so it's an ongoing discussion. 

"In terms of Callum Styles and Aaron Leya Iseka, they're Barnsley FC players, they have two years left on their contract and like everyone else, they'll be reporting back to Oakwell for pre-season."


"We should always have a chance. Internally last summer we felt we'd be competitive, and this time around we feel we're in a better place and well-aligned to go and be as competitive as possible. 

"But you have to manage expectation. Of course with the bookmakers we'll be billed as a contender this time. But there's realism also. We are in a good place, we're on the right track. With our fans behind us, as we saw last season, we can be confident. But it's a challenge and there's a lot of other clubs who'll be saying the same things. 

"We've sold close to 9,000 Season Tickets, and we're in June. I think historically it's one of the highest we've had, especially at this level. Just 12 months ago, people were saying we'd do well to get 5,000 fans inside Oakwell. 

"So it goes back to that feeling of pride, that over the last year or so we have all come together to bring this club back to its fans, to the community, the council. We want to be winners on and off the field. But regardless of that, there's a real desire to give back to our fans, to give them a better offering, regardless of results. 

"It's only the start of a journey. The foundations are in place and we need to build, together and move everything forward."

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