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26 November 2021

Head Coach, Poya Asbaghi, gave his thoughts ahead of our trip to the Weston Homes Stadium this weekend.

“There are some things that we are disappointed with the Swansea City result and there are things that we know we have to improve, but there are things that we know we also did well that we have to bring with us.

“Then it’s a different kind of game – the last game was against Swansea and now we face Peterborough, who play pretty different. They have their similarities but, of course, they have their differences.

“So, we have to understand that it’ll be a totally different game and we have to talk about things we didn’t have to talk about before the Swansea game. We need to bring with us the things that we know and to use and adapt to the new things we know Peterborough bring.”

“When we say identity, we have to adapt to this first week we have with a lot of games, so maybe it’s about focusing on small aspects that we know is going to belong to the big identity later but not talk too much about identity instead of preparing for the games.

“The question of scoring more goals, the answer to that, long term, is we have to bring forward an identity that will provide us with goal scoring chances, then we will have goals.

“But it’s also this balance where we have to focus on our next opponents and find a good game plan to win games.”

“Looking at the table and explaining the table for players, everyone can do it, so why should I? They will hear it from everyone – family, friends, fans – people know. My job is to tell them how we can win the next game and not focusing too much on the table.

“If we focus on how to win the games, then we will develop, hopefully. Then we will win enough games and you’re allowed, as a player, after the last game to say: ‘hey, we did it.’ But it doesn’t go the other way round. You cannot stare at the table and hope the points come in.”

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