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25 December 2021

I love Christmas. I mean I really do love Christmas. It is my favourite time of the year.

I was always the first up on Christmas morning, even to wake the kids. It’s a very special time, a magical time. And I love Boxing Day football having played on Boxing Day myself for many a year. Add Barnsley Football Club to the mix and I’m almost in Heaven already.

Except… for Covid, which has put a huge hole, not only in Boxing Day football, but, far more importantly in so many families.

We look forward to the end of Covid and to the rematch with Stoke City sometime in the near future.

I’m sure many of us will find a way to enjoy our Christmas despite the circumstances we find ourselves in. We are fighters, resilient and extremely resourceful. And there will be some Boxing Day footie on the tele.

The fascinating thing, for us, as Barnsley supporters, is that if it wasn’t for the birth of Jesus, which is what we are celebrating at Christmas, then this football club would not be here, certainly as we know it.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago. After His birth and an incident when He was twelve years of age, we only know about three years of His life. He lived in an occupied country in a very small village, He was brutalised by the government and crucified as a common criminal. Many of those who witnessed His resurrection died brutally because they refused to deny it. And His influence was so great that it spread all over the world in no time at all.

No internet in those days. No Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Roll on to a young man called Tiverton Preedy who, as a follower of Jesus, moved to Barnsley St Peters as Assistant Stipendiary Curate. I believe this was a divine appointment and through this young man Barnsley Football Club, the club we love so much, was born.

So, you see if it wasn’t for Christmas, we wouldn’t have a football club. And we are delighted that we have. Yet, we are aware that we must attempt to keep the game in perspective.

We remember those loved ones who have passed away in 2021 and our thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved in your sadness.

However, as I said earlier, Barnsley people are fighters. We will come through stronger.

We welcome Poya and Ferran to the best football club in the world. We are unique and loyal and want to wish you both every success for your sake and ours for the rest of this season.

To all you loyal supporters who have stuck by this club in good times and bad we say a massive thank you. And whether you believe in Jesus or not we wish you a very happy festive season. Please stay safe and sensible.

Come on, YOU REDS!

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