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9 December 2021

The Head Coach looks ahead to Saturday's trip to Deepdale.


“We’re in a situation where we need to adapt, but to improve what we are doing at the same time, but with limited time with all the games coming up now. 

“I’ve seen good foundations, a solid structure. That’s normally where you need to start. It gives the players confidence, they trust upon that solid organisation. That’s how you build a team.

“But when we go the other way and go in search of improvement in forward areas, we need to hope that doesn’t cost us in terms of our defensive work. 

“It’s trying to find the right balance, and I’m confident in this group of players.”


“We want to be a hardworking team, we think that suits us and we saw in the last game, with our pressing and our combinations across the team. 

“But it’s really important that we all have a long-term understanding about what we are trying to do here. We all want to stay in the league, of course. But we are developing a game model here, an environment where our identity can flourish.

“With the players we’ve made it very clear - this is a young squad, hungry players, and they have a big stage here to show what they’re about.

“I’m enjoying getting to know everyone better. We are on a journey together. When you can understand the players, as people, when you can get inside their heads, the journey will be so much better.”


“Whenever a team changes a coach, it’s difficult to analyse the opponent. So this week has been focused on us, about what we can do. 

“It will be a challenging fixture for us, they all are. This is a high quality division. But we are feeling good, we have a strong belief in everything that we are doing.

“We know our process, we know our path. We go to Preston with a plan to win. That’s our ambition - three points. As it is every week.”


“If we’ve not won for so long on an away ground, and you look at the numbers we’ve taken to these stadiums - look at Peterborough for example, it was snowing! If they can support us in the most difficult times, that’s the moment you win the hearts of all of us working for their club. 

“If our players aren’t in the best form, but they’re getting that kind of support - that’s going to be a special feeling for the guys and so yeah, the supporters here are so important to us, and are key as we try to improve this season.”

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