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INTERVIEW | Keaton Ward

11 May 2020

Everyone has been finding different things to keep them occupied while under lockdown as we continue to patiently wait out the coronavirus pandemic.

Like all of the players at Barnsley, Keaton Ward has been set his training regime by our coaching staff and, once that is done, he is being put to work by his dad with chores around the house.

And, with the glorious weather we’ve had over the past few weeks, not many people would turn their nose up at mowing the lawn every once in a while.

“I’ve been doing manual labour around the house, helping my dad; we’re thinking about building a summer house for my niece and stuff so we’ve been sorting that out really,” said Ward, who recently celebrated his 20th birthday in lockdown.

Keaton Ward completes his chores

“I never thought I’d end up doing manual labour, but I quite enjoy it so we’ll have to see where it goes. I’d like to think it’s helping build my upper body – it’s the only reason I’m doing it, really.”

Once his daily tasks have been completed our young midfielder likes to unwind by reading sports autobiographies and listening to motivational podcasts.

Having the right mentality is essential for any footballer, and Ward insists that he can take inspiration from elite sportspeople.

“I’ve just read the Tyson Fury autobiography, which was really good,” he continued. “What he’s done in the last few years is quite inspirational with what he’s gone through. It’s motivating because from where he was to where he is now makes you feel like you can do anything.

Keaton Ward with his Tyson Fury autobiography

“When I get back to Barnsley, I’m going to start reading my Dave Goggins book because I listen to a lot of his podcasts and the stuff that he does is insane.

“He talks about mental strength; the one I listened to with Joe Rodan, he’s never done any running before but ran 100 miles to do a super marathon and he said at 70 miles he stopped because he’d broke every bone in his feet, but he was that motivated and mentally strong that he managed to keep going. I think it’s important, in all sports, to be like that.

“If people have gone through stuff like that, it’s crazy just to think that anything is possible.

“I’ve struggled with injuries and the mental side of it is quite tough to get through – the first day when you’re told it’s six to eight weeks seems like a lifetime, but you get through to the other side and it’s a great feeling.”

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