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Club News

Writing Competition: The Final Of The Cup

25 March 2020

Club News

Writing Competition: The Final Of The Cup

25 March 2020

We'll be featuring some of the best 'Write For The Reds' entries on over the coming weeks. First up it's Roxy, with a fantastic tale about the day she won the cup!

The final of the cup!

It was the day of the finals and I stepped onto the pitch with courage and determination. My hair was blowing in my face and I could feel the smile that was spreading across my face at the thought of us winning this. We would be champions!

The referee blew his whistle to indicate that we needed to come in for the handshake and I strolled on to hear all the cheering from the crowd. I went down the line shaking all the opposition players hands and telling them good luck for the game ahead of us.

I took my position on the playing field (left back), the referee blew his whistle again and we had kicked off. At the 23rd minute of the match the opposition took an amazing shot and luckily our fabulous keeper saved it!!! This led to our goal kick. My keeper passed the ball out to me, I skilled passed their striker and passed it to one of our midfielders, he ran down the left wing passed it back to me and I kicked it into the middle of the pitch. Our striker took a shot and it went in!

We all went crazy, running up to him to give him a high five. But we had to calm down the game continued. We put the ball in the centre of the pitch and took our positions on the glistening green grass ready to start again.

We were all so happy as we were now 1-0 up in the finals! Our faces were not like this for long though as the opposition took their centre kick fast and passed it round our team to score a goal straight after us. 1-1!

We put the ball in the centre of the field one more time with our heads still up knowing that we still had a full game ahead of us.

We took the centre kick, the ball was passed to the right winger who passed it to the right back, they switched the ball over to my side, I passed the ball into the middle of the field which went to our striker, they passed the ball back to me so that I could pass it to the left winger who dribbled it down the left wing, crossed it into the box for our striker who headed the ball into the back of the net. It was 2-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The referee blew his whistle for half time the crowd cheered as we headed off the pitch. My manager congratulated us all as we walked in and formed a circle to give each other courage and tactics for the second half. We had a team talk then walked back onto the field with the crowd clapping behind us.

The ball was put in the middle of the field ready for the opposition to take the centre kick to start the second half. They passed the ball to their centre back, but our striker was too fast and intercepted the ball straight away. He then passed it to our right winger Richard Crowther who then crossed the ball into the box where Marcy Harrison was stood at the back post to put the ball into the back of the net bottom corner. GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing goal! The score was 3-1 and we still had 20 minutes left.

The ball was booted into the centre by their keeper. They passed it to their right winger who skilled past our left winger who came face to face with me. I was not letting anyone past me today and ran past I stuck my foot out and made an exceptional tackle! I could hear my manager shouting encouragement and praise. I quickly switched it over to our right winger who dribbled it down the wing passed it into the centre and BANG! What a shot from Billy our striker! Another goal making the score an amazing 4-1!

The ball was passed into the centre for one last time. There were 5 minutes of the game left. The ball was passed to their left winger who was tackled by our centre midfielder, he took a shot but their keeper saved it. Their keeper passed the ball out to their left winger. The referee blew his whistle. The match was over!

We had actually done it! We had won the final of the cup. We were all ecstatic! We ran off the pitch to the sound of the crowd and our manager going mental. What a game! What a day!

I still actually can’t believe that we won the final!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I hope we get to play in a cup again. It was an amazing day!!

                                                                   The end

By Roxy, age 11.     


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