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Phizz Named Hydration Partner

22 August 2019

Phizz has taken the world by storm with it’s flagship hydration tablet. The young UK business supplies over 50 top sides around the world and airlines such as Emirates.

Hydration plays a significant role in athletic performance and recovery. Phizz tablets offers a scientific approach for players to rapidly absorb additional water and replace key electrolytes lost through sweat.

Luke Dopson, Head of Sports Science at Barnsley FC says "We’ve been fans of Phizz products having often used them last season. This year with the partnership they will spearhead our hydration strategy across training, travel and match day”

Beyond hydration, Phizz tablets also contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals for natural energy, focus and recovery. Intense exercise takes a toll not only on muscles but also the immune system, accordingly Phizz acts as a safety net for player wellness.

“We’re pleased to have been elevated from a supplier to an official partner at Barnsley. Hopefully this partnership can grow from strength to strength throughout the coming season!” says Yasmin Badiani, Head of Sport at Phizz.


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