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Fit Reds returns!

23 September 2016

Men's health initiative starts again soon!

Do you enjoy getting together with like-minded people, playing football and getting in shape? Then why not turn your lifestyle around with the NEW and FREE, award-winning Fit Reds programme!

The Programme is set to commence on the 04/10/2016 at Carlton College for the second time! The 9-week healthy lifestyle programme will be delivered at the state of the art Carlton College in partnership with Person Shaped Support (PSS) and targets overweight and inactive males over the age of 35 years. Using football and Barnsley Football Club as a hook, Fit Reds supports men to make positive lifestyle changes and become more physically active as well as increasing their knowledge and skills in relation to leading healthy lifestyles.

The programme consists of a series of two-hour workshops delivered over the course of the 9-week programme. In the first half of each workshop, Community Health Trainers (PSS) provide participants with information regarding diet, nutrition and healthy lifestyles. In the second half of each weekly workshop, qualified coaches (Level 3 minimum) deliver physical activity. The coaches deliver a progressively challenging activity programme consisting of warm ups, circuit training, strength and conditioning work and a cool down.

For further information contact us on 01226 211333 alternatively

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