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The sponsoring of in-game announcements is the perfect way to align your company name and brand to Barnsley Football Club at key moments of the match - capturing the attention of an audience of thousands.

Opportunities include sponsoring important announcements such as substitutions and added time, plus the game’s official attendance.

Added Time Announcement Sponsorship

The majority of football matches have a period of added time after both halves to compensate for stoppages during playing time. Fans listen carefully for the announcement, particularly after 90 minutes, as added time can very often prove crucial to the end result of a game. Your company name will be broadcast over our PA system to this captive audience along with the number of added minutes to be played. Your company logo will also be displayed up on our big screen.

Substitute Announcement Sponsorship

Everyone wants to know who the substitute coming onto the pitch is going to be, and they listen carefully to the announcement. Your company name will be broadcast over our PA system to our thousands of fans each time a substitution is made. So that’s up to six times per match (three announcements per team), and your company logo will appear on the big screen at the same time.

Attendance Announcement Sponsorship

Another key moment of a match is the attendance announcement. Fans listen out for this and take note. Your company will be the official sponsor of Barnsley FC's match day attendance, an announcement for which is made during the second half of the match. Your company name will be announced over the PA, and your logo will feature on the big screen when the official attendance is revealed.

Man of the Match Announcement Sponsorship

One of the most exciting stages of a football match is often the announcement of the stand-out performer, the 'Man of the Match'. With this unique sponsorship opportunity your company name will be read out alongside the name of the star player that day, as well as your company logo appearing on our big screen.

Prices start from - £1.000.00 + vat


For further information on the above opportunities here at Oakwell for the 2021/22 campaign, please get in touch with our team on 01226 211182 or email us