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Hill on Forest Test


15:26 26th October 2012

Reds boss on facing Forest

Reds Manager Keith Hill caught up with the press ahead of tomorrow’s home clash with Nottingham Forest.

“I think everybody’s watched with a keen eye their recruitment drive,” said Hill of Forest. “Sean O’Driscoll – unbelievable tactician if you like, manager. His management credentials were questioned and I don’t understand why. For those who really know about football, he’s a really good manager and coach. He’ll be really enjoying what’s happening at Nottingham Forest. What happened to him at Doncaster was nothing short of, not disgraceful, but he should have been retained by Doncaster Rovers, there’s no doubt about that.

“Everybody in the Championship is capable of beating each other. You can’t go into a game expecting to win because the variables are so huge. They’ve got players who are capable of putting a run together.

“We’ve made one or two enquiries but nothing’s going to get done before the weekend. I made enquiries about three strikers but football clubs are reluctant to let strikers leave because they’re always included and they’ve always got a chance of possibly playing, because if you’re not scoring you’re searching for a solution and your solution might be at your football club.”

The Reds’ latest signing, John Rooney, won’t feature tomorrow against Forest.

“He’s got to be given time,” Hill said of Rooney. “There was no thought to get him included in first-team procedures so early. He’s very much a development player and we’re going to play him in development games and give him an opportunity to progress.

“I think we’re showing great signs of progression as a football club both on and off the pitch. With respect to developing key players and developing the squad, I’m reasonably happy. “

“We’re dealing with it, we have to deal with it. It’s unfortunate that Craig Davies is obviously injured. It’s another opportunity for somebody else at Barnsley Football Club.

“We’ve had a little bit of illness in the camp, a little bit of tiredness. We’ve had to have two recovery days and we’re looking forward to the weekend.

“Players do bounce back. It’s part of their education and establishing themselves. I’ve seen pedigrees like John Stones drop down into non-league and then come bouncing back.

“He’s creative, there’s a lot of potential still untapped. He’ll be a good player for us, probably as a central midfield player. Don’t look at it as a ‘here and now’ signing.

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